Escape To The Crane, Barbados

Experience the ultimate beach vacation and soak up the Caribbean sunshine of one of Barbados' best beaches when you escape to The Crane.

Relax on a lounger, with refreshing coconut drink in hand, as the invigorating tradewinds sway the palms lining the beach.

escape to the crane, barbados

Enjoy the soothing sound of the waves washing onto sandy pink-tinged shores.
The clear turquoise waters invite you in for a swim, or to boogie board on the foamy waves.

Although not encouraged, adventurous souls do like cliff jumping into the ocean from a natural platform reached by following a path along the cliff face.  For the more adventurous it is a thrill, they enjoy the freedom and sense of escape of letting go and being carefree. But you dont have to jump to feel that sense of abandonment and escape. You can just relax on the beach, float in the water or ride the waves to enjoy that sense of liberation, freedom and joy of being close to nature and away for the bustle of daily duty.

This cliffside location offers spectacular views of the beach so it's worth the walk out even if you have no interest in jumping in!

While you can simply visit this wonderful beach (all Barbados beaches are open to the public), for full enjoyment we recommend staying at The Crane Resort, a magnficent hotel set on top the cliff overlooking the beach. Here you'll enjoy spacious accomodation in luxurious rooms and suites, beautifully landscaped gardens, outdoor swimming pools, and a multitude of dining options.

Think you'd like a beach vacation here?
Click here to escape & explore The Crane Resort


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