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Seeking out Barbados Trendiest Nightclub

The south and south-west coasts of Barbados are traditionally known as the best party spots on the island with beach clubs and outdoor partying in Bay Street, and the island's top DJs and live bands rocking the clubs in St. Lawrence Gap.

But on the west coast of the island, in the historic Holetown area, is perhaps Barbados' trendiest nightclub - Red Door Lounge!

The club is located in trendy Second Street, just across the road from the exclusive Lime Grove Lifestyle Centre with its exquisite shops, restaurants and cinemas. If you're staying on the west coast in the Sandy Lane, Sunset Crest or Holetown areas, Red Door Lounge is a convenient stroll away. Staying on the south coast? Best to book a taxi for the night so you can fully enjoy the incredible cocktails as you party island-style!

Red Door Lounge welcomes you from Thursday to Saturday from 9pm with music that is an eclectic blend of latest hits, best of the classics, and incredible mixes.

Coral Magic in Barbados

Unlike many of our neighbouring Caribbean islands which are volcanic in nature, Barbados is a coral-capped limestone island.

Various corals can often be found washed up on the beach and these make interesting souvenirs (and very effective paperweights). Remember never pick live coral from the reefs.

Beachcombing is a wonderful activity for the entire family - be on the look out for tropical shells, sea fans and of course the various corals.

Much of Barbados' water supply is naturally filtered through our limestone base before being treated. Barbados water is safe to drink from the tap. (There is also a desalination plant on the island that converts sea water into drinking water).

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Barbados Chattel Houses

It's wonderful to see a local business - Hightide Watersports - incorporating traditional Barbados architecture into their office design.

This chattel-house design can be found on the shore at their beachfront location at Coral Reef Club hotel on the west coast of the island. It blends beautifully into the tropical setting, surrounded by towering palm trees and colourful flowers.

The chattel house is a small wooden home that was originally designed to be moveable as labours often moved from one part of the island to another.More than that it is a cultural symbol of the resilience and resourcefulness of our people.

The Hightide Watersports office showcases several aspects of the architectural style including the steep gable roof and delightful fretwork.

Read more about Barbados chattel houses at

Shipwrecks and turtles off Barbados!

In her wonderful blog post at Carrie takes you into the magical underwater world off Barbados to discover sunken shipwrecks and tropical fish.

Dive into the warm waters of the Caribbean sea with Cariie to snorkel over some of the wrecks in magnificent Carlisle Bay, including The Berwyn, which was sunk by its own crew over a dispute with the captain.

Several of these wrecks are close enough to the surface to be enjoyed by snorkelers, while other deeper wrecks in the bay attract scuba divers and increasingly free divers.

Carrie also shares the amazing experience of viewing sea turtles up close!

Freights Bay Barbados

Driving along the southern coast of Barbados you may suddenly come upon, in the midst of a residential neighbourhood, a stunning window to the turquoise ocean.... welcome to Freights Bay.

This scenic location is a favourite spot for beginner and intermediate surfers, drawn to the bay by consistently good surf conditions, especially between November and April. Many of the local surf instructors take their guests to Freights Bay and the sea is usually dotted with these mavericks waiting to catch the next wave.

There is a lovely shaded, grassy area overlooking the bay which is the perfect spot to kick back, watch the surfers, and enjoy the warmth of the Caribbean sun.

While exploring this area of Barbados be sure to stop by Miami Beach (the Mr.Delicious food truck serves incredible local food and some of the best rum punch on the island!), the South Point Lighthouse, Silver Sands beach (popular with the kitesurfers and windsurfing crowd), and Surfers Point.

Barbados Dinner Show On The Beach!

Enjoy the thrill of an open-air Barbados dinner show right on the beach!

Head to Harbour Lights nightclub on the south coast of the island on Monday or Wednesday nights for their spectacular Beach Extravaganza Dinner Show.

The exciting floor show is complemented by a sumptuous BBQ dinner and an open bar.

Hint: use booking code BDS18 to save US$10 per couple!

Explore the dinner show or book your spot

Drone view of Barbados church

This wonderful drone photo showcases the beauty of St. John's Parish Church, a historic Anglican church set in the rural parish of St. John, Barbados.

The church is a favourite stop for island tours and its elevated location offers incredible views of the eastern coastlne and lush tropical landscape. The church itself is a majestic place, well worth exploring.

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Finding The Best Authentic Cuisine in Barbados

Whether you already love Barbados cuisine or are ready to try our local dishes for the first time, we recommend the incredible buffets at Atlantis Restaurant.

Here the chefs work with fresh local, ingredients to create sumptuous dishes following traditional recipes and sometimes incorporating modern techniques and flair.

Some of the favourites of local guests are sweet, deep-fried pumpkin fritters; unripened bananas pickled with lime juice; seasoned and pan-fried flying fish; grilled snapper; macaroni and cheese made the Bajan way and enhanced with 3 cheeses; bread puddind served with a rum cream sauce; and traditional coconut bread.

There's something on the menu that everyone will enjoy, and you're invited back for more of your favourites in all you can eat style.

Traditionally Bajan buffets are served on Sundays but the popularity of the Atlantis buffet has caused the restaurant to also offer the buffet on Wednesdays, which is usually a bit quieter than Sundays.

Be sure to m…

Underground Adventure In Barbados

The incredible underground world of Harrison's Cave is an absolutely must-do when you visit Barbados!

As you head into the cool cavern, you'll be greeted by magnificent crystalline formations growing from the ground and ceiling. Bubbling streams lead to small waterfalls and into beautiful pools.

Your tour guide gives a vivid and informative explanation of the sights all around you and there's ample opportunities for videos and selfies.
Find out more about Harrison's Cave

Barbados By Drone: Snorkeling with Sea Turtles

This incredible Barbados drone footage combines aerial views with underwater footage for a fully immersive experience of snorkeling and swimming with sea turtles.

View the footage at
Catamarans sail daily from the Bridgetown harbour along the west coast of Barbados, taking visitors and locals for an amazing opportunity to snorkel over tropical reefs and fascinating shipwrecks.
One of the most thrilling experiences comes when you plunge into the warm water to swim with the sea turtles. 
Some catamarans also offer a special sunset cruise, which is a delightful way to end the day in Barbados.

Hiking Barbados

Looking for a fun and healthy way to explore Barbados? We recommend joining a local hiking group to discover the natural beauty and fascinating history of our Caribbean island.

There are several hiking organizations & groups on the island, mostly meeting weekly at a different starting location each week. You can also choose to hire a local hike guide for a customized hike that matches your interests and fitness level.

Each Sunday the Barbados National Trust arranges a FREE hike. The morning hikes begin at 6am and you can choose from four groups ranging from the Stop 'n Stare (slower pace, good for taking pictures and learning about the island) to the Grin 'n Bear (a challenge covering 20km or more).
Afternoon hikes start at 3:30pm at the same location as the morning hike. There is only one group in the afternoon and the hike is held at a medium pace.On the Sunday closest to the full moon, the afternoon hike starts at 5:30pm and is known as a Moonlight Hike. All of these hi…

5 Outstanding Reasons to Visit Barbados

Wonderlust Travel magazine reveals 5 surprising reasons to visit our Caribbean island of Barbados this year, besides the warm weather and brilliant tropical beaches.

Experience an authentic island festival, tour a rum factory, meet the wildlife, sample delicious local dishes and oh yes they did include the amazing beaches 😎

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