Finding The Best Authentic Cuisine in Barbados

Whether you already love Barbados cuisine or are ready to try our local dishes for the first time, we recommend the incredible buffets at Atlantis Restaurant.

Here the chefs work with fresh local, ingredients to create sumptuous dishes following traditional recipes and sometimes incorporating modern techniques and flair.

Some of the favourites of local guests are sweet, deep-fried pumpkin fritters; unripened bananas pickled with lime juice; seasoned and pan-fried flying fish; grilled snapper; macaroni and cheese made the Bajan way and enhanced with 3 cheeses; bread puddind served with a rum cream sauce; and traditional coconut bread.

There's something on the menu that everyone will enjoy, and you're invited back for more of your favourites in all you can eat style.

Traditionally Bajan buffets are served on Sundays but the popularity of the Atlantis buffet has caused the restaurant to also offer the buffet on Wednesdays, which is usually a bit quieter than Sundays.

Be sure to make reservations in advance so you don't miss out on this delicious delight!


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