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Re-discovering A Barbados Treasure

As I read Emily's blog on her recent visit to St. Nicholas Abbey I suddenly realized how many details I've missed despite several visits to this wonderful place!

Her wonderful photos of the architectural details of the historic Jacobean mansion and the unique furnishings found inside opened my eyes to previously overlooked treasures.

While I no doubt had before glanced over the intricate shell chandeliers and cedar paneling, seeing Emily's photos and reading her perspective as a first-time visitor caused me to recollect my own visits and even look back at old photos to see how I could have failed to appreciate the delicate beauty of these features.

It serves as a reminder to slow down when we travel, to soak up the details of each experience, and to re-visit sites, even those that we think are familiar.

Note to self - look closer at the sea-shell collections, artwork, and paneling on my next visit to the Abbey!

Fun and Fabulous in Barbados

“Fun and Fabulous” is how Yasmin describes the trendy Red Door Lounge located in Holetown on the west coast of Barbados, and we totally agree! In fact we’ll toast to it with their signature Smoked Rum Punch! 🍹

Other guest highlight the laid-back atmosphere of the club saying "It was a very chill spot" and "the vibe is warm, elevating and groovy".

The cocktails were the big draw for other visitors who say "Drinks were good, the Smoked Rum Punch was entertainment itself just watching it being made"; "very yummy cocktails"; and "The drinks were phenomenal".

Experience the atmosphere with a virtual tour of the club & bar at

Barbados Family Fun - Underwater!

Traveling to Barbados as a family and worried about finding something fun for everyone to enjoy?

A dive onboard Atlantis Submarines is a fun family adventure that will enthrall the young ones, entertain and educate the adults, and even get the teenagers to look up from their phones (actually they’ll probably be filming and sharing to envious friends)!

There is no age restriction however children must be at least three feet tall, to meet the requirements of the onboard safety equipment. There are special rates for children.

Visually and hearing impaired guests are welcome on Atlantis Submarines but be sure to advise the staff of this when making your reservation.

You'll love exploring the gift shop as well, packed with fun stuff for the entire family. Cool clothing and caps, stuffed animals, books, fish charts, and lots of souvenirs of your amazing day underwater!

Check for special rates and available tour dates.

Barbados Beach Treasures

We love this quote from Henry Grunwald

"A beach is not only a sweep of sand, but shells of sea creatures, the sea glass, the seaweed, the incongruous objects washed up by the ocean."

As a tropical island, surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean, the shores of Barbados are blessed to receive many of the sea's treasures. Some of our favourites are the beautiful corals, pretty shells, and lovely sea fans.

As we survey nature's beauty we're also aware of the tremendous responsibility we bear to protect the natural environment, especially from littering which introduces plastics, balloons, chemicals, and other trash that harms marine life and disrupts the delicate balance of nature.

Explore Barbados beaches...

The Show Goes On At Harbour Lights Nightclub, Barbados

When the thrilling dinner show ends, the party continues at the beachfront Harbour Lights nightclub on the western shores of Barbados!

Every Monday and Wednesday evening the club is transformed into a cultural extravaganza with live bands, limbo dancers, stilt walkers and even a fire-eater! Characters from local folklore come to life as the Mother Sally dances with guests and the nutsellers offer tempting treats.

And when the show ends (around 10:30) the party continues on the sandy shores with local bands keeping the club vibe going with calypso, soca, reggae and R&B. Drinks flow from the bar throughout the night including Bajan Rum Punch and local beer along with vodka and gin!

Join the party at Harbour Lights Reservations Required For The Dinner Show