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Ragged Point Barbados: Fresh air and great views!

Did you know that there are no land masses between the western coast of Africa and the eastern coast of Barbados?

Just imagine the fresh air that can be enjoyed at the easternmost point of Barbados - Ragged Point.

Added to that is spectacular scenery of rugged cliffs and waves of the Atlantic Ocean pounding the shore. This is truly one of the loveliest and most tranquil spots in Barbados.

A historic majestic lighthouse overlooks it all, the need for its warning to sailors now overshadowed by GPS and other technologies. Still it stands as a lovely reminder of the past. This is one of four lighthouses in Barbados, each special in its own way.

If you are visiting Barbados be sure to make a stop at Ragged Point and enjoy the scenes and the lovely fresh air! Have you already visited? Do leave your comments below...

Warm Mother's Day wishes from Barbados

We're wishing that all mothers could be enjoying relaxation and fun in sunny Barbados... it's well deserved we know.

Unfortunately you can't all be with us in Barbados for Mother's Day so we've put together warm wishes for this special day... enjoy them in the video below...

So how do we celebrate Mother's Day in Barbados? Well first thing you should know is that we Barbadians like to eat! Many of our celebrations revolve around food. Mother's Day lunches at restaurants across the island will be very popular. Others will choose a picnic (we call them excursions!) at one of our many beautiful beaches or parks.

Many will start the day with a Church services and still others will spend the day quietly at home enjoying the company of our special mothers.

However you spend your Mother's Day, we send you warm wishes from Barbados!

Why not send your Mom  a special Barbados Mother's Day e-card?

Discover Queen's Park Barbados!

If you're visiting Barbados you must make a trip to capital city of Bridgetown! This historic city is over 375 years old and elegantly combines its historic buildings and traditions with modern shopping and conveniences.

If you're visiting by cruise ship then you're in luck because Bridgetown is just about a 10 minutes stroll from the Cruise Ship Terminal.

So what should you do after having a walk through Bridgetown and doing some duty-free shopping? Well a great idea would be to continue walking east and within 2 minutes you'll arrive at historic Queen's Park.

The main house in Queen's Park dates back to the 1700's and was home to the general commanding the troops of the British Garrison in Barbados. Just close your eyes and imagine being in these surroundings over 200 years ago!

Today it is a national park and a wonderful place to take a rest after a day in the bustle of Bridgetown. The art gallery often has local, Caribbean and international art on displ…

Barbados Easter e-cards!

Send your Barbados Easter e-cards... for those lucky enough to be in Barbados and those who wish they were here :)

Barbados Easter e-cards

Pakistan and India tour the West Indies.. see when they're in Barbados

Pakistan and newly crowned World Cup champions India will tour the West Indies this summer and lucky for us both teams will be playing international cricket in Barbados!

Pakistan visit the region first for 2 Tests and 5 ODIs. Kensington Oval will be the venue for 2 of these One Days - on April 28th and May 2nd. Both of these are national holidays in Barbados - for other reasons, not cricket :) - so I expect Kensington to be packed for both matches.

India will also be touring the West Indies for 3 Tests and 5 ODIs. They'll be in Barbados for the 2nd Test which runs from June 28th to (hopefully) July 2nd. No doubt the Indian team will be full of confidence following their World Cup triumphs but the World Cup is over and this is a whole new series!

Looking forward to some great international cricket and a couple of West Indies victories!

If you wish accommodation in Barbados for these matches check

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Great things to do in Barbados...

Sun, sea & sand... that's most likely what you have in mind when dreaming of a Caribbean vacation. And yes you can enjoy all three in our lovely island Barbados.
But there is so much more to discover and enjoy when vacationing in Barbados. Our little island of just 166 sq. miles is full of activities and attractions to beckon you.
Here's a sample of what we consider some Great Things To Do in Barbados:
Atlantis Submarines - Experience Real Adventure (10% discount) The family friendly, Atlantis Submarine adventure is one of the most unique and highly recommended attractions in Barbados. Imagine yourself in a real submarine, with view ports all around, fully submerged in the aquamarine Caribbean Sea, as curious fish peek in and sea fans sway. This fully narrated "must-do" undersea voyage, can take you to a shipwreck at 130 feet, during the day or night. Create safe, fun, unforgettable memories underwater, while preserving the environment. More... Barbados Blue Water Spo…

Video tour of historic Barbados!

Barbados has a very proud tradition of respecting its history and this can be seen in the preservation and restoration of our historic buildings.

Join us now for a video tour of historic Barbados! We'll travel from the seaside town of Speightstown in the north of the island through the capital city Bridgetown which boasts the 3rd oldest Parliament in the Commonwealth. We'll also visit a lighthouse that was shown at London's Great Exhibition in 1851 and stop by the world's rarest collection of 17th century English iron cannon!

Historic Barbados! Slideshow:’s trip from Bridgetown, Barbados to was created by TripAdvisor. See another Barbados slideshow. Create a free slideshow with music from your travel photos.
Discover more about historic Barbados

Crop Over in Barbados

Around this time of year the thoughts of Barbadians, both at home and around the world, turn with much anticipation to Crop Over, the annual Barbados summer festival that consumes the hearts of all Bajans.

We long to start hearing the pulsing soca rhythms on the radio and the biting social commentary with its witty - and often controversial - lyrics. Mouths water at the thought of a 'pork lime' complete with barbecue pig tails and roasted pork. Ah yes.. Crop Over is nearly here!

Some years ago Crop Over didn't really start until July but these days the earlier the better! Starting in May the National Cultural Foundation takes some of Barbados' most popular soca performers and calypsonians to communities across the island to wet the appetite for another great Crop Over season!

Soon the calypso tents will have their opening nights... a chance to start picking your favourite tunes and artistes; then the art and craft exhibitions will start and the remarkable work of our …