Snorkeling off Barbados

The reefs found in the shallows surrounding Barbados are excellent spots to enjoy snorkeling.
Grab your mask and snorkel (flippers aren't essential) and head into the warm waters to start exploring.

You'll discover healthy coral reefs teeming with colourful tropical fish. If you're lucky a manta ray may glide quietly by as you snorkel. Head out a little further to see turtles and possiby sea horses and eels.

Some of our favourite locations are Worthing Beach, Paynes Bay, and Carlisle Bay (which is popular for snorkeling over shipwrecks and swimming with sea turtles).

The Folkestone marine reserve is another excellent spot and offers a chance to tour a small marine museum.

Read more about snorkeling in Barbados, including gear rental and local guides.


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