Barbados Vacation Apartments

Barbados vacation apartments are a fantastic alternative to the traditional hotel stay, especially if you're travelling with the family.

These apartments are typically more spacious that hotel rooms, with separate living and dining areas, and usually some outdoor living space as well.

You'll also enjoy greater privacy than when staying in a hotel.

The St. Lawrence Gap area of Barbados is a favourite with many visitors. This section of the south coast is party-central on the island with lots of bars and nightclubs. The Gap, as it is affectionately known, is also home to many wonderful restaurants offering up local dishes along with international cuisine from Italy, Thailand, Mexico and more!

Spend your days soaking up the rays on one of the Gap's beaches, snorkeling and swimming with sea turtles, jetskiing or kayaking, or enjoying a drink with the locals.

Desgerdaph Barbados Vacation Apartments are located at the quieter end of the Gap, just a short stroll from 3 beaches. Choose from a 1 bedroom apartment (on the lower level) or the 3 bedroom home (also available as a 2 bedroom) upstairs.


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